Penasol – Semi Sweet White

Penasol – Semi Sweet White

This wine stands out for its pale lemon yellow colour, is fruity, palatable and has been developed with the traditional method but in turn takes into account current taste.

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Origin Spain
Alcohol/Vol. 10.5%
Barcode 8410702015271

The history of the winery, which has always maintained its familiar nature, has focused on full respect for tradition and thousand-year-old vine cultivation in perfect harmony with the use of the latest technological developments in the elaboration and aging of quality wines.
Félix Solís, S.A. owns about 1,000 hectares of vineyards, where grapes are harvested by hand at the time of optimum ripeness and keeps a team of its own throughout the year.
In addition, they collect the fruit of more than 4,500 grapegrowers, many of which are subject to regular quality checks throughout the year.
Félix Solís offers wines of great quality which are also very competitive thanks to the latest technology available and the potential of the noble grape varieties used in the elaboration.
Brands like Viña Albali maintain the spirit of those wines that the Solís family used to serve important figures such as Luis Miguel Dominguín or Alfredo Di Stéfano, among others, combined with the latest designs and adapting wines to new tastes and each specific market.

In the late 80's, activity increased with Cruzares winery and, after successive expansion projects, the most important took place in 2001.
It has 14 packaging lines, which yield a total of 150,000 units / hour and one of the largest air-conditioned, intelligent wine warehouses in Europe, which can hold up to 22,000 pallets and 18 million bottles.
To get an idea of the importance of this winery, it is the one which presses the most grapes throughout Spain, with over 180 million kilos.


Barrel cellar: 40,000 American and French oak barrels
Own vineyards: 500 hectares
Controlled vineyards: About 30,000 hectares (belonging to approximately 4,000 vine growers).
Types of grape:
Reds:  Tempranillo, Merlot, Garnacha, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon
Whites:  Airen and Macabeo
Annual production capacity: 200,000,000 litres.
Surface area of the winery: 120,000 square metres

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