Acqua Panna Mineral Water 500ml

Acqua Panna Mineral Water 1000ml

Perfectly balanced, light and luminous with a tonic note, Acqua Panna has the rare ability to enhance even the most delicate flavours.
A fascinating nature that mirrors the earth of Tuscany from which it flows.
Acqua Panna encompasses the very essence of Tuscan lifestyle.

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Style Acqua Panna caresses the palate and enhances the flavours of food and wine. 
Its smooth, light, soft and velvety taste cleanses the palate and refreshes the taste buds. 
Characterized by its remarkable freshness and balance, Acqua Panna is pH3 balanced, low in total dissolved solids and sodium-free.
Food Can be consumed perfectly during meals or on its own.
Data sheet
Origin Italy
pH 8,0
Barcode 8002270015090
Sulphate 22,7
Bicarbonate 103,0
Calcium 32,0
Chloride 9,0
Magnesium 6,4
Sodium 6,7
Silica Residue 7,1
Nitrate 2,9
Potassium 0,9
Floride 141 mg/l

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